Simplicity in Fashion, is the ultimate Sophistication



Know us Better!


Hi, my name is Liana Kalogirou. I’m a fashion designer, in a graphics designer’s hand, a buyer’s head and a woman’s body. By choosing one of my bags, you bring a new vision to your day. A classic, a modern or an abstract bag, and you make your day’s statement.
My inspiration comes from women’s movement, personality, and of course materials. I usually perceive early in the morning, in my head while i ‘m in my aqua aerobics class, or walking my dog.
I hope you fall in love with one of my designs and enjoy!

I watch women all the time, how they walk, how they carry their things. Sometimes I agree with them, other times I disagree, and other times I want to be loud and tell them not to look all the same!

And the journey starts! Choosing the best materials, most Eco-friendly, I feel the pulse of the moment and here I ’am!  With the support of a very small team, and all of our small production, Made in Greece.